Coping with Homesickness with Kids

Moving to another city or country, whether for good or for a short assignment at work, is not an easy thing. It not only disrupts your life in a big way, it may also lead to some bouts of homesickness, especially if you have to live alone away from your loved ones. And it can be particularly challenging if the move entails uprooting your kids from everything that is familiar and comfortable to them. Luckily, there are many things you can do to make the adjustment easier for everyone. From exploring places for the best hikes in Vancouver if you are headed to the area or fun things to see and do at your new home, here are some tips on dealing with the big change with your kids.

Talk it out with your kids. Take the time to listen to your kids’ views. Pay attention to how they feel about moving somewhere far to everything they’re familiar with. This makes your kids feel that their views matter in making decisions as a family. It also allows you to become aware of any difficult emotion they may be dealing with so you can address them properly.

Encourage them to share their feelings. Let them talk about their feelings so you’ll know how to ease their concerns. You can tell them that it’s normal for everyone to feel apprehensive about big changes that come in life. Make them understand that the best thing anyone can do is to embrace change despite how they feel about it.

Give them time to prepare and adjust. The ability to cope with change varies from child to child. Make sure that you give your children enough time to get used to the idea. Share the moving away timetable to your kids so they can mentally, emotionally, and physically prepare for the day.