Recover from homesickness

What is homesickness?

This is a common problem that OFWs have to deal with everyday. Homesickness is an emotional depression, a problem with adapting to your new surroundings. But at some point, you need to recover and don’t let homesickness spoil your working experience. we are not psychologists, but we asked our friends who are working abroad how they survived it.

Pour out your emotions, don’t hold it back

According to our friends, their recovery was faster after they heard some reassuring messages from their loved ones. It’s okay to cry, don’t hold back your feelings because it is natural for you to feel that way. So call your loved ones, let them know of what you are feeling right now. Tell them how much you miss them and everything about the home. After that emotional release, you should feel much better.

Go out and discover your new home

You will be adapted quickly if you let yourself be exposed to your new surroundings. Traveling and unwinding helps you forget those who are away. It takes your focus to a different direction and lets you appreciate your new home. Take pictures and be a little artsy.

Find new friends

Our friends helped us get through the toughest times in our lives whether it was your first heart break, you flunked every subjects, family problems, and so on. It takes a true friend to recover from homesickness. So don’t be afraid to make new friends. Be open and let other people come into your life. Having a circle of friends lets you love your new home.

Dare to learn something new

Our life consist of endless learning. And like it or not you will learn new things there. So don’t limit your learning by just going online everyday. Dare to learn something new whether its work related, sports, and/or arts, it will surely help you move one with your new life. Go back in your child days and bring the curiosity back to your system. Learning new things will not only help you recover from homesickness but also will help you become a better person.

Cut back from social media

According to our friends, whenever they browse their facebook, it makes them want to go home more. Because going through your friends’ profiles will only make you miss them more. And whenever you see your friends’ posts you will wish that you could join them. So we urge you to cut back from social media while recovering from homesickness.