Working Visa

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What is a working visa?

It’s a document you can show to prove that you have the authorization to work in that country. Without it, you will face charges depending on the country you’re in. Besides, working visa is a prerequisite by most companies, so it is close to impossible to work without one.

How to get one

Obtaining visa varies because every country has their own policies and procedures in issuing working visa. To find out how to obtain a working visa from the country of your choice, visit They give all the relevant and important links to guide you in this process.

The process of getting a working visa

Let us set your expectation that getting a working visa will require both time and money. Based on the overseas working we have spoken with, companies who pay for all these expenses are down to minimum to zero. Most of the time, the worker has to shoulder all the expenses. So this is another consideration you have to think about whether you are financially prepared to work overseas. The embassy will give you all the list of requirements you have to provide them this include but not limited to: Birth Certificate, two valid ids, police records, medicals, and/or letter of recommendation.